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Shortlisted for The Great Outdoors Awards 2015 READ MORE.... Kenton Cool and the Gang!

Well, that's it...The Walking Festival is over for another year...actually it has been over for a week now, but its taken that long to get re-organised..!


What a fab week we had though, except of course a stinky cold appeared on day one, so suffered a bit during the week, but hey, not one to be put down (not literally of course!)  carried on regardless!


We were involved in two midweek events, BritRock film 2015 and SchaFF film festival... I would like to thank everyone who came to these, it was great to have a full room!


I guess a highlight for us was meeting and spending the day with Mr Kenton Cool, what an inspirational chap...decimated both his heels when he was younger and yet didn't let that stop him achieve and to be what he wanted to be...a climber! It is in his book, and he talked about it during his talk on the evening... I think we may still have a couple of signed copies of his book left!


Kenton was also helping raise funds for the Sherpa Nepal Earthquake Relief fund...and we are chuffed to bits to report that we have raised £3500! A HUGE thank you!


We'd like to also say huge congratulations to Celeste and Ross, this walking festival was their honeymoon....whoop, whoop!


So..a months rest, then back to it...start for 2017!

Shortlisted Independent Retailer

of the Year Award

What a busy bee we have been...We've been helping out organising the Crickhowell Walking Festival for can view the website now, but can't book any walks or events until 5th stay that finger!!


And the other truly brilliant news is that we have been nominated in the TGO Awards 2016 again...its not too late to would be fantastic if we won this's the link


Despite all this activity though, we have also updated the website with some of the new goodies that have come in, we have a couple of other brands to upload, CMP and Skogstad...Italian and Norwegian this space...and keep an out on Facebook and Twitter!!

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Well...eventually getting to grips with the website....absolutely loads to add onto it, but quietly working away at it...


Not long until the Crickhowell Walking in it's 10th year and the theme this year is legends....talking of which Andy Kirkpatrick is speaking on the 4th March, he's always a great listen. Heather Gulek is also speaking  1st March, she's only the second woman to climb Shishapangma and Cho Oyu and she was also caught up in the massive earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015.


Check out their website to book your walk and event...

So that's another year over for the Walking Festival...more on that on the blog page...suffice to say that we have a couple of weeks breather then its back into the organising 2018!


The website is quietly coming together...just not enough hours in the day to get everything done! Think we are going to concentrate on getting the 'hardware' stuff on the doesn't change as much as the clothing and seasonal items! We've had some lovely stuff in though from Sherpa Adventure Gear, Berghaus and a new brand to us CMP...


Our Robbie making sure all the walkers were present and in a straight line

on his walk!