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Walk of the week!

By crickhowelladventure, Apr 7 2016 06:01PM

After checking out the weather forecast, I didn't think we'd manage to get out at all this week!

However, after my meet up with Kathy of Reconnective Design, (who looks after this website behind the scenes, and I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who's looking to start a new website, or revamp an old one!) the weather didn't look half I grab's our Elsa and her dogs, and off we went, up the Sugar Loaf...

It was an uphill start from the off, but its great to feel your blood pumping, (kinda useful too!) feel the sun on your back and the wind in your face! Why is it the wind ALWAYS blows in the wrong direction!

It was well worth it though...I'm always refreshed after a jaunt outside....we did watch the weather come in...then we felt it...yup, the hail had arrived...dogs didn't find that too comfortable, but the cup of tea after was most welcome!

There's weather coming
There's weather coming
Just the one!
Just the one!
Soon joined by his mates
Soon joined by his mates
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