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Wintery conditions?

By crickhowelladventure, Feb 18 2016 08:37AM

I've just written the weather and read the reports from Brecon Mountain Rescue regarding the wintry conditions on Pen y Fan and surrounding areas....its quite scary really. I mean, you only think of these as our local mountains and where no one gets into trouble, not like the high mountains in Scotland or abroad...they're not Everest or anything like!

However, it does just show how dangerous any environment can be if its not planned for and taken seriously. Our rescue teams will tell you how they are out on calls at any time of the year, (except when its raining heavily, not sure why that is!) Whilst a majority of the call outs are due to slips and genuine accidents, some of them are because people haven't taken the seriousness of the environment they are in, so don't have the correct equipment with them, or wearing suitable apparel...don't know about you, but if I was called away from my Sunday lunch or time with the family, to go and rescue someone off the top of the mountain who was stuck as they were wearing daps....I wouldn't be best pleased!

I guess, all I am saying is to take sensible precautions, take the right gear with you when going out, plenty of water, snacks for just in case times, or enough food if you're going out on a longer trip, plenty of layers, hat, gloves, items to keep warm just in case...there are small emergency blankets which take hardly any room in the rucksack, but would help keep hypothermia away, a whistle, headtorch....these items are an absolute necessity if the route takes you into the far reaches of the park.

If you do fancy going up onto the snow clad tops and the snow is compressed thus making it super slippy as what is happening on Pen y Fan at the moment, crampons are an excellent idea as they give your feet purchase on the slippery slope, but again, don't go off thinking that your Spiderman...!

Go out and enjoy the Brecon Beacons, just do it safely...

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