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Crickhowell Walking Kenton Cool and the Gang!

Participants, including us! walking with Kenton Cool during Crickhowell Walking Festival 2016

This is a photograph of our Robbie during the Crickhowell Walking Festival may not have been entered into the Photographic competition, but he is our winner!


Don't know about you, but I've certainly had enough of winter...ready for Spring! There has been a couple of glimpses, but its certainly not sprung yet!!


To try and get myself motivated, Robbie and I went to The Skirrid last week, just what the doctor was windy, very muddy and some snow left lying around, but it was truly fabulous. Getting yourself outdoors and into nature certainly is a tonic.


New goodies for Spring/Summer have arrived so we are busy putting them far, we have only got as far as the clothing, but there are new rucksacks and we are expanding footwear too...more news on that as soon as we have it up and running....


Let me leave you with some images from the Skirrid and a beautiful sunny albeit cold, day...


Sadly, we were told this week from one of our local farmers, that recently, he has heifers who have aborted their has been confirmed by DEFRA that this is due to a parasite called Neospora...we'd never heard of it before so decided to delve a little further...


The Neopsora parasite can infect cattle and can cause serious disease in pregnant cows and result in abortion. It is a problem worldwide and it is on the increase in the UK. The pregnant cow may show no outward signs but when the parasite passes to the unborn calf it can cause abortion. Some calves survive the pregnancy but are stillborn, others may look healthy but are infected with the parasite.


Neospora is the most commonly diagnosed cause of abortion and there are no licensed drugs or vaccine available, thus an infection within a herd means an inevitable financal loss.


What can we, as responsible dog owners, do to help prevent this....


The only known route of infection is from dog faeces. If this is left on a field, the herd will digest this along with the pasture and the parasite is  ingested.  The simplest way for us to help stop this is to collect any of our dog poo and take it away with us. Dogs become infected by eating placenta or abortion material, so always be aware of where your dog is, if they are not too good at recall, then keep them on the lead.


I leave you with the words from another farmer who has had to learn about this parasite the hard way...

Merrell Trail Glove 4

Remember we ran a vote to see how many people would be interested in these Merrell Trail Gloves next year?


Well the results are in.....looks like we will be stocking them!



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Well, what an eventful week we are having....

We've just had the Crickhowell Walking Festival Autumn Extra last weekend, the weather was very kind and there has been good feed back...


We've also learned that we have been nominated in TGO The Great Outdoor Awards 2018, in the Independent Outdoor Retailer category, which is amazing and thanks to you lovely people for putting us we just need loads of votes to win....keeping our fingers is the link if you would like to vote...




The town has learnt that we are on the shortlist for the Visa sponsored Great Britain High Street award too!

Votes are needed for this too...please post either on Facebook or Twitter...#GBHSCrickhowell #MYHIGHSTREET..


Running alongside this is the chance to win £100 in a weekly draw...just spend over £10 on your Visa card in store, follow the instructions on the card you will be given...and who could be you!!