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We love this brand, their technology, styles and colours, but mostly their ethos on what they want to achieve and why....


In 2003, Tashi Sherpa founded Sherpa Adventure Gear to honor his heritage and specifically his uncle’s spirit. His uncle was one of the original Sherpa in the infamous 1953 expedition to the summit of Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary. Sherpa Adventure gear is committed to staying true to the values it was founded upon and creating great gear. The brand seeks to honor the legendary high-altitude climbers by creating adventure gear that earns their praises. But, most importantly it is focused on providing economic and social stability to the people of Nepal by providing steady employment and quality working conditions that turn into opportunities for the community when the landscape of employment is dramatically changing in the region.


As a Sherpa-owned company, they also strive each day to strengthen the fabric of their families and villages by giving much needed scholarships to underprivileged Sherpa children, and bringing meaningful opportunities to the people of Nepal.   With every purchase you are contributing to their Paldorje Education fund....

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Deuter's Guide 35+ and 45+


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