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Trekking Poles...

Leki Trail


These are one of the best budget poles in Leki range.


Cheap with Leki poles still means quality - they are made in Czech Republic using High Tensile aluminium tubing and come equipped with soft anti shock system and strong internal lock.


Handles are not as fancy as on the pricer models and straps are just nylon webbing but they will last for a long time and spare parts and accessories are widely available.


Available with anti shock and without


Leki Trail AS Sticks Weight: 576g / Pair

Leki Corklite


The Leki Corklite Speed Lock Poles poles are lightweight walking poles that adjust via a quick and convenient external lever system.


Once locked they stay in this position  which is a marked improvement over some older systems.


They are made from ultralite High Tensile Aluminium, although light they are fairly durable. The handle is made from cork and is ergonomically shaped.


The locking system is speed lock 2 which is very easy to adjust and doesn't slip. Leki Corklite are made in Czech Republic and come with lifetime warranty.


Available with anti shock and without


Corklite Poles Weight: 500 g / Pair

Leki Albula Lite


Leki Albula Lite are lightweight trekking poles, with an updated external locking system.


The little levers on the Speedlock 2 makes them very easy and quick to adjust and once set to required length they don't slip even during long walking days.


The Albula lite employ a slightly smaller grip (Aergon compact) and shorter overall length when fully extended. So as long as you are 5'10" or shorter they will be very good choice, however if you are taller you might be better off with other models.


The straps are made from soft webbing comfortable on the wrists.


Available with anti shock and without


Albula Lite Walking Poles Weight: 468g Pair

Leki Supreme Shark


The Leki Supreme Shark is a classic of the Leki Nordic Walking range which now uses the Speedlock adjustment system for speedy changes of pole length.


An updated 2.0 version of the grip and strap are more comfortable and easier to use than ever before.


Made from heat-treated aluminium it has the optimum balance of light weight, durability and good swing characteristics.

Leki Voyager


Entry level walking poles from Leki.


What you get at the very attractive price is a pair of fairly light but durable aluminium poles that will last for many years.


The handles on Leki Voyager are basic and straps are made from plain nylon webbing. However you still have excellent internal Super Lock system and high tensile aluminium throughout.


They offer tremendous value.

Leki Vario Carbon


Vario Carbon are featherweight at 213g per pole but feel reassuringly rigid thanks to 100% Carbon Fibre construction. When folded the are only 38cm long and they come with a little stuffsack.


Perfect for approaching climbs, Via Ferrata, Trail Running, hiking or trekking tours. Leki Vario Carbon  Sticks are quick and easy to assemble and fold thanks to the push button release mechanism. They are suitable for both taller and shorter hikers thanks to Speed Lock 2 that enables a smooth adjustment of length.


Available in women and men versions

Leki Albula Lite Leki Corklite Leki Micro Vario Carbon W folding poles Leki Trail AS Leki Khumbu pole

Leki Khumbu Trekking Poles


These poles are durable and easy to adjust hiking sticks. The handle is made from reformed cork which is very comfortable but slightly heavier then foam grips.


The straps are made from new softer fabric much gentler on your wrists. Very easy to adjust thanks to external lever locking system.


Khumbu poles are made from standard High Tensile aluminium tubing which gives them outstanding durability.


These poles are designed for users who will be venturing in to rugged, remote areas, possibly wearing a heavy pack.


Leki Khumbu Poles Weight: 594g / Pair

Leki Micro Vario

Leki Micro Vario


Lightweight, collapsible walking poles made in Europe by Leki, small enough to put even in a tiny rucksack. Made from composite of aircraft grade aluminium and titanium.


Leki Micro Vario Titanium are perfect for reaching the Via Ferrata, for trail running and for hiking or trekking tours. Quick and easy to assemble and collapse with the Push Button Release Mechanism.


The Speed Lock enables a smooth change of length by 20cm.

Leki Smart Traveller Carbon

Leki smart Traveller Carbon


Leki Smart Traveller Carbon are a lightweight all rounder that proves itself while exercising on varied terrain and shines with its high-quality carbon lower sections, the tried and tested Super Lock System and a two-component Shark Cork grip. These choice components make the Smart Traveller Carbon one-of-a-kind and it is sure to turn heads. Well-thought-out from the very beginning, with every detail implemented perfectly, this Nordic Walking pole is suited for even the most demanding workout.


With its unparalleled pack size of 70 cm, the Leki Smart Traveller Carbon can be easily stowed in a holdall or backpack. The sections can be disassembled to enable the poles to be carried in a bag as short as 54cm.

Leki Spin

Leki Spin


The long-proven Trigger 1 system and Super Lock adjustment system impress with powerful technology. The carbide tip ensures grip on any surface, the Power Grip Pad provides the best traction on asphalt.


Leki Albula lite V

Leki Albula Lite V


The LEKI Albula Lite Vertical poles are a new concept in poles for hiking using a special detachable strap that will be familiar to users of Nordic Walking poles. This new Trigger S Vertical strap can easily be removed from the grip when required and quickly re-attached. The rest of the pole is identical to the regular Albula Lite version, using Speedlock 2 which makes them very easy and quick to adjust and once set to required length the don't slip even during long walking days.


Length range: 110 to 135cm. LEKI Ultalite pole are suited to users up to approx. 5ft 10in (180cm)

Leki Cressida

Leki Cressida


The Leki Cressida are lightweight poles tailor made for women of average to smaller size. Created from strong aluminium and with cork-like  compact grips better suited for smaller hands, each section is a little smaller than the LEKI Ultralight series poles for a smaller pack size and lower weight. Speedlock 2 is quick and easy to make length adjustments and doesn't slip even during long walking days. The straps are made from soft webbing comfortable on the palms and wrists.

Leki Super Micro Walking stick Leki Micro Vario City walking stick

Walking sticks...

Leki Super Micro Walking Stick


Leki Super Micro Stick is the mini version of the Wanderfreund. Extending to a maximum length of 90cm it is suited to smaller users, or for use on flatter ground where it can be used like a traditional walking stick, albeit one that can be reduced to a discrete 46cm when not in use.


Max. Length: 90cm

Min. Length: 46cm

Nordic walking poles...

Leki Micro Vario City


The LEKI Micro City Vario has the strength and practicality of the Wanderfreund walking sticks.


The shaft of the pole holds together with a sprung loaded central cord so that from a folded position it springs in to use when dangled by the handle. Variable length is achieved with the tried and tested Speedlock 2 clamping system.


Micro City Vario Weighs: 246g

Size: Folded - 32cm. In Use - 73 to 88cm (Bare tip to top of handle)

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