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OMM Go Pod


The Go Pod is fitted with Dual Compression cords to ensure the contents is always secure when on the move. The 2 compression cords enable you to independently tighten the mouth of the Go Pod leaving the body loose or tighten the body of the Go Pod around the contents. This independent compression cords gives you a versatile stash pocket that can be adapted to fit the shape of any contents.




An innovate stretch neoprene bottle holder with multiple user options. High and wide mounting points increase stability when running. Can be attached to shoulder harnesses, hip belts, hand carry or bike attachment. Comes with an OMM water bottle

OMM Compressor Pod

OMM Compressor Pod


The Compressor Pod is fitted with Compression cords to the loops provided on all OMM packs. Both a compression system and additional storage the compressor pod adds stability when on the move. The additional 5 litre storage is ideal for quick grab items and fits to any OMM pack.

H2OMM-Clipped-300x300 OMM Trailfire Vest



The TrailFire vest is stripped down to the essentials, a low-profile, highly-versatile vest for any length of race or training. Multiple attachment points on the back allow you to expand the load carry by attaching the compressor pod for longer races.  The Trailfire is also compatible with bladders and flexi flasks to provide hands-fee hydration.