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TGO Bridgedale W Light Hiker


Bridgedale W Trekker Bridgedale Summit Bridgedale Light Hiker Bridgedale Trekker Bridgedale W Summit Bridgedale logo

Hike Mid Weight Universal sock for day-long protection and next-to-skin comfort. Bridgedale construction ensures a dry environment for comfortable and healthy feet...available for men and women

Hike Light Weight Light cushioning underfoot for day hiking and other outdoor activities in warmer weather. Cotton and Coolmax® for comfort...available for men and women

Explorer Heavy weight Designed for cold environments anywhere from mountain climbs to trail walks...available for men and women

Lorpen_Logo T3LWomens T3 Light Hiker Olive2 T3 All Season Trekker T3MW-Womens T3 Mid Hiker

T3 Midweight Hiker Warmth, comfort and T3 technology in medium weight for cold season use on any mountain...available for men and women

T3 All Season sock The best moisture transfer in a thicker T3 sock for more technical boots...available for men and women

T3 Lightweight Hiking sock The lightweight T3 model that keeps feet dry on non-winter hikes...available for men and women


Using just one fiber when knitting socks is wasted potential. At Lorpen, we combine different fibers to maximize their warming or cooling properties. We lab test different combinations in order to find which ones offer the most benefits to athletes. Different climates require different fibers. While Merino wool is great for the winter, it's too warm for the summer. Even sheep don't wear wool in the summer. That's why we use different technolgies to keep your feet comfortable.

fibertitle2 horizon-logo Horizon Merino Trek Horizon Quarter sox Horizon W Micro Crew

The Trek is an all-season boot length performance sock. Made with extra-fine Merino wool the dense loop is knitted throughout the sock offering superior cushioning, warmth and comfort as well as providing incredible durability making it an ideal sock for arduous hiking and trekking.

The Micro Crew can be happily worn as an everyday leisure sock. The dense Merino wool loop stitch in the sole combined with Lycra and special grip sections offers the comfort and cushioning you need and expect in a hiking sock. The micro crew leg length has a subtle rib for support which all adds up to the most comfortable and most used hike sock in your sock draw.

The Quarter is a multi-purpose outdoor sock for multiple activity use. This popular ‘sport sock’ is a terrific run, bike, hike sock. Made with a dense Merino wool loop pile sole the cushioning is highly effective for high impact sports and challenging terrain. Cushioned, comfortable and very durable. The addition of Lycra provides a sure fit and a flat linked toe seam reduces the risk of abrasion and blisters, essential requirements for this premium activity soc

merino 2 pk stripe Merino 2pk red stripe Horizon 2pk spots Horizon 2pr pack

This traditional, mid weight Merino wool sock has a full loop-pile construction throughout giving it a uniform feel around the foot and the leg. The loop pile, whilst still dense and durable, has a little bit more loft to it giving the feeling that the feet are floating on air. A chunky, non-restrictive welt, fine toe seam and specially designed grip sections only add to the all-over comfort, whilst the Lycra content maintains a sure fit wash after wash. This take on the classic walking sock makes those Sunday strolls and dog walks even more pleasurable

dexshell-logo Dexshell Thermlite Dexshell Running socks Dexshell Ultra Dri Sports

The Thermlite sock...this light weight merino wool sock is absolutely perfect for daily working, hiking and other outdoor activities in cold, wet weather conditions. 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable. Using Merino which has the capacity to deal with moisture like no other yarns, absorbing perspiration and releasing it into the air as vapour.

The Running sock...Run more, smile more and go the extra mile with these waterproof running socks! An ankle length sock with arch support elastic band. Pairing with the drirelease® patented moisture management technology, these running socks deliver the ultimate performance experience with added comfort.

The Ultra-Dri Sports allround waterproof sock suitable for any outdoor activity. Using Dri-release Merino Wool liners, this sock offers a combination of quick drying, moisture wicking and odour elimination technology. With a cushion terry loop footbed for extra comfort in addition to all the usual features and benefits associated with DexShell.