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TGO Fuel rod Handwarmer Weez 2 person sledge

winter and snow essentials...

Ok...we don't see the white stuff that often, but when we do we need to be ready!!

Grisport Snow Grips...these grips are a premium quality product, ideal for the ice and snow and will fix to any walking shoe or boot. They also fix to most regular shoes and boots. Prevents slipping in harsh icy conditions - remember to remove before walking on tiles, laminate or carpet!

Hillsound Trail Crampon Hillsound Trail crampon underneath

The Hillsound® Trail Crampon is a necessity for added traction when out hiking on the local trails or deep in the backcountry. Tested on the trails of the Himalayas, the Hillsound® Trail Crampon is guaranteed to handle diverse winter terrain and weather conditions. Utilizing an ergonomic plate system, this crampon provides excellent traction and reduces muscular fatigue for your winter wilderness pursuits.

Grisport Snow Grips Freesteps 6 Crampons

Hillsound Freesteps 6...from icy city pavements to your local trails, these offer durable, ultra-light traction performance to those needing a simple anti-slip aid for outdoor activities.

Petzl Spikey

The Petzl the Ideal Urban Crampon is a must when the street ice over. Put them under any pair of shoes or boots for better traction on ice and snow. Rubber Soles with six carbon steel points. Compatible with all types of footwear: street shoes, sport shoes, boots.

A great sledge...can carry 2 people!

Whitby hand warmer

Whitby Handwarmer...Portable heat on the go!Burn Time - 6 or 12 hours depending on fill Burner lifetime of 90 burns (assuming 12 hour burn) Includes a protective fleece bag

Whitby hand warmer with bag Lifesystem hand warmer

Lifesystem Reusable handwarmers...Hand warmers offer instant heat on cold winter days. Just pop the metal disk and massage the gel pad as the gel begins to crystallise, instantly releasing heat. Keep them tucked inside your gloves or coat pockets for a very welcome warm-up on icy days!


These pack of 2 hand warmers have the added benefit of being reusable. To 'reset' the crystallised pad to its original gel form, add the pads to a pan of boiling water and allow to simmer until the crystals have completely dissolved. Allow to cool totally before handling.


Each activation lasts up to 90 minutes and can emit heat of up to 54 degrees celsius.

Tea bag handwarmer

Charcoal Hand warmers...keeps your hands warm in the worst of winter conditions, Safe and easy to use. Perfect for every outdoor activity, come in a Velveteen-covered metal case, fully lined with non-flammable glass-wool

Each fuel rod provides generous heat for 5-8 hours and comes with one fuel rod.

Refill packs of rods are available

A tea bag style hand warmer which is ideal for keeping your hands warm in cold temperatures. They are a one time use only and last for upto 6 hours.